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About ArsenalFC.Social

ArsenalFC.Social is the world's first dedicated Arsenal FC Mastodon Server. This server is the brainchild of 3 Gooners from around the world (US, UK, India) who have pooled their resources, skillsets, and funds to create something that will hopefully become a "home" for Gooners around the world. Mastodon is a new, growing social media tool that combines some of the best elements of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram and allows a very customisable environment for you to "live" in. Please enjoy your time here and tell your friends!

Meet the Brains behind ArsenalFC.Social

Mike Feinberg


Aditya Palwankar


Josh Feldberg

@joshfeldberg is the world's FIRST and ONLY Arsenal Football Club-specific Mastodon Server - run BY Gooners FOR Gooners.