Welcome to the918.blog

The918.Blog is not a regular blogging website but a project undertaken to push one's boundaries. The blog's writer is Aditya Palwankar; you can read more about the Author here: Meet-The-Author. The blog's name originates from the Author's birthdate 18th of September (or 9-18).

The project is a portfolio piece encapsulating all the different areas of interest in the Author's life. Design, Technology, Art, Music, Sports, Motorsports, Literature, and Astronomy, to name a few. The blog could talk about the Author's emotions towards his favourite sports teams, social affairs, a book he reads or a piece of technology or design project he has worked on or completed. The blog will also help highlight his entrepreneurial journey of setting up and running his first Start-Up. Alt Innovate Technologies, read more about Alt Innovate here: Explore Alt Innovate

This blog is supposed to be a passion project, a portfolio of everything and nothing; it's a work in progress. The blog site has begun as a simple HTML/ CSS/ Javascript project to test the Author's capability with the coding tools & his love for writing. It will slowly expand by using different Web Frameworks, Programming languages etc. As we learn, we adapt and experiment and use the918.blog project as a testing ground. It's the Author's sandbox; we build, destroy, deconstruct, and build again.

Over time the copy here will expand, change, and update. Like nature, nothing here will remain the same; it will change with time, skills, and moments in life. It could expand into something bigger or stay as is, just a piece in the history of time.

So enjoy, have fun, don't be judgemental, and be curious. Always.